If My Rods Scream Off It's Your Fish - (19-07-2014)

"It was coming to the end of my trip on DreamLake 1 where I went with my mate Ste Hoather both of us from St. Helens in Merseyside. I hadn't had much luck earlier in the week losing five fish, but things started to pick-up and landing fish starting with a 60lb cat then a twenty pounder - then my rod screamed off and I caught a big mirror called 'Goliath' due to the scar on the side of its head.

With this I started to wrap-up and Ste continued to fish. He then shouted over to me and said "I'm off for a shower if my rods scream off it's your fish." It was a hot day at 35° so I sat on Ste's chair soaking-up the sun when his indicator dropped back slowly then went back-up slowly. I thought hey-up something might go off. Then another drop back so I hit it and felt the pull.

I thought it was another big cat until I saw a carp tail splash and thought yes a big grassie! It was when it came closer I thought wow this is a big mirror. After 30 minutes fighting it was in the net. Put it in the sling and weighed it at 60lbs 8oz!

Ste turned-up from his shower and I said "Cheers pal... a lovely 60 pounder!" He said "Yeh right... oh my god that's huge." The look of that sick feeling in his face said it all, but he was a mate, he said "Well done pal, a deal is a deal, it's your fish." I caught a big fish in Ladies Lair and a big fish in Pads - I was well chuffed. I'm now looking forward to beating my PB by booking on Lake 3 next July which is already booked. Bring it on!"

Alan Hunter