The opening of DreamLake 4 in May 2000 saw the addition of over 200 carp to what was already an impressive level of stock. Since then a number of thirty and forty-pound fish have also been introduced, with a further 100 carp to 49lb going into the lake in November 2003. Not forgetting the stocking of 50 carp to 44lb (December 2002) and 40 carp in December 2001 - yes, you've guessed it, DreamLake 4 is set to create even more PB smashing moments for our visitors. There's a few lake records you'd love to see on the mat thats for sure - how about a common carp of 50lb or a mirror carp weighing at 50lb 8oz, not to mention the huge 118lb catfish and 50lb grass carp present.

Mature and tree-lined, this attractive 4-acre lake boasts eight rustic log lined swims - neatly presented and easily accessible, providing ample room for the maximum four anglers accommodated each week or up to six if booked as a group. With various gravel and weedbed features the average depth of DreamLake 4 is around 7-8ft in most places. As you will find with all of our lake there are no crayfish or Poisson Chat - so you can fish you're hookbait just as you would normally in the UK.

Booking options: Onluy available to anglers on our popular Inclusive Package, DreamLake 4 offers anglers excellent facilities and everything they could wish for to enjoying a relaxing fishing holiday only interupted by plenty of fish playing action.

Also sharing with adjacent DreamLake 3, DreamLake 4 and DreamLake 5, you will enjoy the exclusive services of a DreamLake Bailiff and the lakeside facilities, which include a shop serving drinks, bait and tackle items, in addition to the existing shower and toilet facilities. Meals are served in the air-conditioned lodge at DreamLake 2 - just 1km down the lane. Although for your convenience and to save the short walk, daily transport is provided at meal times.


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