DreamLake Rules

Q. Are there any rules? 

A. There are only a few rules in order to safeguard the health and safety of all anglers, guests and fish.


  • use barbed hooks only
  • use terminal tackle and rigs with safety in mind 
  • use only mono main lines - no braid please
  • change hooks regularly
  • use the unhooking mats provided at all times
  • if in doubt ask a bailiff for advice
  • Only Particles puchased onsite can be used at the Bailiffs discretion


  • do not ‘sack’ fish for more than 15mins
  • do not exceed the maximum 3-rod rule
  • do not use shockleaders, lead core, permanently fixed leads or tether rigs
  • do not use bait boats
  • do not use particles (eg. tiger nuts, peanuts, hemp etc.)
  • do not use pellets or groundbaits - however boilies and artificial hookbaits sush as plastic corn are okay.
  • do not use maggots - no live baits of any kind can be used
  • do not use/bring unhooking mats or cradles (these are provided and the use of which is included in the price)
  • do not bring cool boxes of any kind

Please note, we reserve the right to terminate the services we are contractually obliged to provide to you if we, our employees or agents judge your behaviour to be likely to contravene DreamLake Rules or cause discomfort or harm to our other clients or any other person or property.

Q. How much luggage can we take? 

A. Despite the huge trailer which we take, there is still a need to apply luggage restrictions. You will receive 7 oloured tags - to include:

(Please note the number of tags has been reduced from 8 to 7 as unhooking mats are now provided - please DO NOT pack an unhooking mat or cradle. Bedchair bags and any kind of cool box are also NOT permitted)

  • One bivvy
  • One bedchair
  • One large rucksack - to include tackle etc.
  • One rod bag
  • One holdall for clothing etc.


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