The latest addition to the DreamLakes complex - this large ex-gravel pit was used by us as a ‘stock pond’, apart from the original stock, we have over the last twenty-five years put loads of small carp in Moroni’s to grow on. Our bailiffs used to fish one bank, as a change of scenery. Ultimately, there are lots of carp in here, currently sixty-pound is best, but Moroni’s is still untapped – there’s a lot of water to fish!

Likewise, over the years we put a few catfish in Moroni’s from Lakes 1 and 2. These have thrived and grown on fantastically to 170lbs with countless 100lb catfish being caught. So, it’s also become a catfish anglers paradise – massive catfish being caught just three-hours from Calais!

The rules are simple; you can use four rods, and don’t interfere with the other anglers.

We highly recommend the use of boats, dinghy’s, and bait boats. There’s a lot of weedbeds, but with the correct tackle you’ll be fine. If you’re after carp, we recommend you use particles, as the catfish seem to get caught mainly on large 35mm pellets and boilies.

There’re 20 large swims on Moroni’s, most big enough for caravans or campers. You still have access to all the showers, electric for charging phones and batteries, and the toilets etc.

Moroni’s hasn’t been open long for general fishing, so it’s still very much an unknown! The lake is becoming more and more popular as word gets out. In fact it’s very popular with Dutch anglers who like a challenge and big waters!


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