Holiday Questions

1. How much luggage can we take?

Despite the huge trailer which we take, there is still a need to apply luggage restrictions. You will receive 8 coloured tags - to include:

  •  One bivvy
  •  One bedchair
  •  One large rucksack - to include tackle etc.
  •  One rod bag
  •  One holdall for clothing etc.

In addition you may take one item of hand luggage on the coach. Please note, for the comfort and safety of all passengers, smoking and the consumption of alcohol on the coach are not permitted.

(Please note unhooking mats are now provided, the use of which is included in the 2017 price - please do not pack any unhooking mat or cradle) 

2. Can we charge our phones, cameras & batteries etc.?

Yes. We have mains power but you will need a continental adapter.

3. Is there fresh drinking water on site?

No, but we offer low cost bottled water.

4. Do we pay in £p or Euro’s at the Lodge?

All prices will be in Euro’s.

We now also accept Global Currency Exchange Network payment cards.

5. What about my bait?

If you have pre-ordered our Fresh/Frozen boilies or DreamLake Specials, they will be waiting for you upon arrival. In addition, spare bags may be purchased on site, along with excellent pop-ups and dips etc.

6. How does the draw for swims work?

For each lake our computerised booking system will nominate each angler a place in the queue to choose which swim he/she wishes to fish from. This is a random process, but those booked as a group will receive consecutive numbers to ensure that they may choose adjacent swims if they wish (subject to availability).

Anglers, who have booked as individuals but wish to be grouped with other individuals or groups, should inform the Booking Office. Each group organiser will be notified of swim choice numbers about 10 days prior to departure. Upon arrival, a DreamLake Bailiff will ask each angler to choose a swim.

The angler having been allocated ‘1’ will be asked to choose first, then ‘2’ and so on. There are, however, a good number of spare swims on each lake and you are free to move as often as you wish.