DreamLake 1

DreamLake 1 offers 'specimen style' fishing and regularly produces multiple catches of big-carp up to the mid fifty-pound range. The current records for the lake stand at an impressive 62lb 8oz mirror carp, 70lb 2oz common carp and a 130lb catfish.

A 'square horseshoe' in shape and approx. 15-acres in size, we allow only 15 anglers per week on DreamLake 1 and with 23 well appointed swims to choose from, there is always plenty of space to move around. All of the swims are large, log lined gravelled areas - built by carp anglers for carp anglers. So large bivvies or tents are accommodated comfortably. Steps are thoughtfully placed for ease of access with 12 swims are designated as suitable for disabled/wheelchair angling.

The depth of DreamLake 1 varies between 6-9ft with many features to be found including gravel bars and weedbeds, plus the central spit of land that creates the horshoe shape providing a far-margin feature and bite hotspot. The lake is free from crayfish or poisson chat so common to other French waters - so you do not need to worry about netting hookbaits. The unique shape and layout of DreamLake 1 and positioning of the swims ensures that there is nowhere that you cannot cast too and nowhere for the fish to hide or hold-up out of reach.

With a record haul of 70 carp in one week, 220 carp (weighing in at over two tonnes) were added to the already impressive stock levels during December 2001 - with a further one tonne of new carp introduced in October 2003. A hundred thirty and forty pound carp were then introduced in November 2005 followed by 150 beautifully coloured chestnut mirror carp stocked in Nov 2007. Meaning both big-hit hauls of fish, as well as PB breaking big-carp captures are always on the cards - a uniquely mouthwatering carp fishing situation!


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