DreamLake 1 Swim Guides

This is close to being our favourite of the five lakes on the complex - for a couple of reasons; firstly, it possibly offers the biggest overall challenge and secondly, it was the original and only lake available to fish when DreamLakes first began.

With a long spit of land running up the middle to create a 'U' shape DreamLake 1 has a lot to offer in the way of features with lots of tasting looking spots running along the margin of this spit. As the contour of this spit continues down the lake it also creates a lengthy gravel bar and another excellent feature to target as fish patrol its route. With pads, snags and silt areas to be found around the lake there are stacks of spots to target from every swim.

To help start you on the right track here is a brief guide to some of the hot spots and what can be found within each swim...

SWIM - NELSONS: You've got the atraction of the aerator in this swim, as well as a mature tree line to look at where the fish will get in very close with bubbling and muddy water a sure sign fish are in the area. When fish are pressure else where they will often move into this corner.

SWIM - WEST BAR: Start by putting your marker out on to the bar at 22 wraps - you'll know you're on the bar as the water is shallower at 3 to 4 feet deep. Aim at the swim on the far bank (East Bar) there's a big tree in the middle of the swim - pull the float back until you find 5 to 6 feet of water and thats a cut back in the bar and a good spot! If it's hot fish on top of the bar. Also look for rolling fish and bubbling to your right. 

SWIM - HORNETS: You have the bar to aim at here found at 20 wraps range with the base of the bar at around 19 wraps. There are gravel runs at 10 and 15 wraps out where fish will show and bubble. Again, if its hot target the top of bar.

SWIM - WEST POINT: Another swim where the bar is a significant feature found at 20 wraps, the bottom of the bar at 19 wraps. Similar to Hornets next door gravel patches are located at 10 and 15 wraps. If its hot fish on top of the bar.

SWIM - THREE STEPS: You have the top of the point is this peg, which has pads around it that are on top of the bar. To reach the top of the bar is twenty and a half wraps with the base of the bar a wrap back. Fish will bubble-up so keep your eyes on this area.

SWIM - CHERRIES: Start off looking at the point, where you can target the various gaps - cast your rig onto the point, walk round and drop it in for a perfect presentation.

SWIM - CHIMNEYS: Lots of spots out here. Always start with one rod on the point to the gap where the broken little tree is in the water at 19-20 wraps. Keep an eye out of fish as you will have a lot water out in front of you.

SWIM - SLOPE: The main feature is the dead tree to the right at 20-21 wraps casting range - all the water contains good spots and when the fish get down here you will have them.

SWIM - KINGFISHER: Fish halfway out to three quarters and up to the point. The reeds on point are a good spot!

SWIM - SNAGS: When the fish are here you can fish anywhere - there are literarly so many spots it's up to you. Halfway is not fished all the time, but it has done some big fish 15 wraps out.

SWIM - HERBSHOLE: You have all the bank to your right and the reedbed on the point has a big bar around the round bush cast to that at 21 wraps for gravel going into silt. Fish will bubble down here halfway out.

SWIM - GABLES: There is a round bush on the point straight out in front - cast to the gap to the right onto a gravel spot. You don't have to be too tight. Fish will bubble and jump a lot halfway out from this swim.

SWIM - UNKNOWN: The treeline on point always a good bet. Halfway to three quarters is also always good for a bite or two. Fish bubble and show alot when down here. Alot of silt and some good gravel spots if you look for them.

SWIM - LODGE: There is a nice big gap on the point to the right of the lodge, which is a very good spot, there are also some nice gravel spots in open water.

SWIM - HAVEN: This is an excellent interception point for catching fishing moving around the point and out into open water.

SWIM - PADS: As the name suggests you have two sets of pads in this peg and fish up to them as the fish love to move under them. To target the set of pads off the point cast to the swim in the middle of pads at twenty and half wraps - this will put you on the bar.

SWIM - LADIES LAIR: Aiming at Cherries clip-up at 23 wraps and this will put your rig on top of the bar in 3 to 4 foot of water - this is as far as you are permitted to cast from this swim. Cast toward the West Point swim at just over 15 wraps for the bottom of the bar and a very god spot.

SWIM - SUNSET: Lots of gravel and some silt spots here where you may get some weed around the bottom of the bar, which has alwyas on Lake 1 is advisable to fish on top of in hot weather conditions. This fish also seem to like showing in this area.

SWIM - EAST BAR: Some nice spots out in front of here, gravel and silt that can get weedy - if the wind pushes into here fish to your lefthand treeline (Check that no-one is in The Bay Swim first).

SWIM - THE BAY: You can only fish 7 wraps maximum from this swim. The treeline to the right is very good when the fish get in this area.

SWIM - BAILIFFS: You can cast 9 wraps max from this peg where you can fish silt and some gravel.

SWIM - BEACH: Casting range is 9 wraps max. The bar runs from this swim right up to the point the best tactic are to fish one rod on the bar and one rod each side of the bar.

SWIM - EMBERS: Maximum casting range is 7 wraps - look to the left tree in the water its a very good spot when the fish visit this area.


You will find reference to clipping-up and casting 'wraps' in our Swim Guide sections as well as hear this from the bailiffs when on-site. Basically this is a method known commonly as 'The Two Bankstick Trick' which helps you record and set your casting distance to exactly the same range every cast, day or night. The benefits are obviously huge as this means you can spod bait precisely to the location of your rigs and return your fishing rods quickly to the same spot after catching fish. Here's how its done...

STEP-ONE: Once you have found your fishing spot with the marker cast a bare lead to the spot and place the main line under the clip on the reel spool and reel in.

STEP-TWO: Lay your fishing rod on the ground (normally a 12' rod - four-yards) and push a bankstick into the ground at each end.

STEP-THREE: Now wrap your lead, spod/Spomb or marker around one of the banksticks to secure it in place and your ready for the next step.

STEP-FOUR: Open the bail-arm of the reel and wind 'wrap' the main line between the two banksticks until you reach the line clip - couting the wraps as you go.

STEP-FIVE: Record the number of wraps so you can repeat the process at anytime (day or night), line-up with a far bank marker and cast to the same spot everytime.


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