Bailiffs Diary: Week 17 - W/E 25/07/15

True to form 'big-fish' are the key words on the complex this week, as always what a trip to DreamLakes is all about...

Lake 1

Mick McWilliam in ‘Snags’ had 12 fish including four forty-pounders of 42lbs, 44lbs, 45lbs and 48lbs on the Cell.

Karl McWilliam in ‘Cherries’ had five fish up to 44lbs.

Steve Myles fished in ‘3-Steps’ and had seven fish.

Mick Beech set-up in ‘Herlies Hole’ and had 11 fish.

Lee Warner in ‘Deer Dip’ had 12 fish on Cell.

Ivan Griffiths in ‘Pads’ had 12 fish including two forties of 42lbs and 43lbs.

Gary Dermot fished in ‘Beach’ and had six fish.

David Dermot in ‘Beach’ had five fish up to 53lbs!

Lee Warner: 36lb
Lee Warner: 36lb
Ivan Griffiths: 43lb
Ivan Griffiths: 43lb

Robert Taylor in ‘Hornets’ had five fish.

Mick Cooksey in ‘West Point’ had seven fish.

Ben Rowley in ‘Sunset’ had six fish.

Lake 2

Jay Potter in Peg 24 had three fish.

Joe Green in Peg 25 had ten fish including two forties of 45lbs and 48lbs on Cell.

Conor Wright in Peg 3 had seven fish up to 40lbs.

Sam Fuller had six fish.

Conor Wright: 47lb
Conor Wright: 47lb

Charlie Fuller in Peg 7 had five fish.

Gary Kelly had five fish up to 42lbs.

Matt Scorff in Peg 23 had ten fish.

Sam Cocall in Peg 10 had three fish.

Billy Rich in Peg 12 had six fish up to 42lbs.

Taylor Davis set-up in Peg 9 and had three fish.

Scott Dillnut in Peg 26 had five fish.

Dave Berrow fished in Peg 13 and had two fish up to 40lbs.

Billy Rich: 42lb
Billy Rich: 42lb
Dave Berrow: 40lb
Dave Berrow: 40lb

Bruno Rizzo in Peg 14 had eight fish up to 50lbs!

Ray Beeson in Peg 16 had ten fish up to 41lbs.

Ryan McGreavy in Peg 1 had four fish up to 40lbs.

Bruno Rizzo: 52lb
Bruno Rizzo: 52lb

Lake 4

Ann Smith in Peg 3 had ten fish.

Gary Smith in Peg 4 had three fish.

Lewis Smith in Peg 2 had 17 fish up to 45lbs.

Lewis Smith: 45lb
Lewis Smith: 45lb

Lake 5

Carter John Smith set-up in Peg 2 and had four fish.

Woody in Peg 1 had 14 fish.

Sam Parker in Peg 3 had three fish.