Bailiffs Diary: Week 26 - W/E 30/09/17

We've had a great week despite the colder weather. Unfortunately due to technical malfunctions we have no photos to show you this week. We're sorry about this!

Lake 1

Dan Whitaker in ‘Chimneys’ had 11 fish including four forty-pounders of 41lbs, 43lbs, 44lbs and 44lbs!

Simon Greenwood in ‘3-Steps’ had three fish.

Dave Scadding in ‘Snags’ had 19 fish up to 52lbs.

Darnell Scadding set-up in ‘Kingfishers’ had nine fish including two forties and two fifties of 50lbs and 52lbs.

Ian Greenwood in ‘West-Bar’ had eight fish up to 42lbs.

Kev Greenwood in ‘West-Point’ had 14 fish including seven forty-pounders topped off by a fifty-pound common!

Paul Blake in ‘Deer Dip’ had a best of 40lbs.

Rich Shoesmith in ‘Lodge’ had five fish including two forties up to 49lbs.

Pete Ingham in ‘Beach’ had three fish.

Colin Collyer fished in the ‘Bay’ and caught just the one.

Doug Hill in ‘Ladies Lair’ had four fish including two forties of 42lbs and 45lbs.

Rich Hill in ‘Sunset’ caught seven fish including two forties and a fifty-four-pounder!

Dave Blake in ‘Herbies Hole’ caught two fish up to 41lbs.

Lake 2

Mark Davies in Peg 14 had two fish.

Smurph in Peg 16 had three fish.

George Eldridge in Peg 29 had nine fish including four forties and a fifty-pound mirror!

Aaron Myers in Peg 27 had a best of 46lbs.

Alan Wilson in Peg 4 had five fish up to 45lbs.

James Millward in Peg 12 had four fish.

Rob Gee had three fish up to 44lbs.

Steve Cottam in Peg 6 had three fish up to 45lbs.

Ian Pattinson in Peg 1 had two fish.

Steve Eldridge in Peg 30 had seven fish up to 50lbs!

Matt Hill in Peg 13 had three fish up to 63lbs!

Alex Cull in Peg 25 had two fish up to 40lbs.

Adam Jones in Peg 21 had a best of 44lbs.

Dean Hamilton in Peg 23 had two fish including a forty-seven-pounder and a fifty-seven-pounder!

Nick Redding in Peg 17 had three up to 44lbs.

Lake 3

Rob Utting in Peg 9 had three up to 47lbs.

Rob Ashdown set-up in Peg 14 and caught just the one.

Paul Utting in Peg 16 had two fish up to 44lbs.

Del Scully had just the one.

Graham Dyke in Peg 8 had a forty-six-pounder!

Sean Youngman had a best of 43lbs.

Shaun Read in Peg 4 had a best of 54lbs.

Stuart Attenburnow in the Bailiffs swim had eight fish including three forties, two fifties of fifty-three-pounds and a fifty-seven-pounder!

Lake 4

Nothing to report this week!

Lake 5

Chris Pellington in Peg 6 had three fish.

Dave Bromley in Peg 7 had three fish.

Phil Morgan in Peg 2 had seven fish up to 53lbs.

Andy Robinson fished in Peg 4.