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For the best results from your holiday, I strongly recommend the superb Freezer Bait boilies from Mainline Baits. They are used every week and are more than just an attractive bait - they are also part of the staple diet for our carp and as a result are not treated with suspicion.

We have proven week after week that the more anglers who use these baits the better the overall results. You are only there for one week, so don’t leave anything to chance! - Zenon Bojko

The Link A bait that needs no introduction having consistently caught fish from around the world. Designed to react when coming into contact with water, releasing 'food signal' attractors for an instant feeding response.

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Mainline Freezer Bait Boilies: 18mm 5kg - £50 or 18mm 10kg - £95

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  • 5Kg
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